Turn Boring Weekday Evenings Into Fun Snacking Affairs. Make Crunchy And Yummy Poha Nuggets

Come weekdays and the packet of poha comes back on our shelf. This light, easy-to-cook ingredient is often used to make vegetable poha – a popular Indian breakfast dish. But we are aiming to turn our monotonous weekday meals  into interesting indulgences that make us wait till the weekends. Poha nuggets recipe makes one of the best uses of flattened rice and gives us a unique crispy snack that spreads deliciousness in every bite. Weekday evenings will never be boring again with this yummy dish to pair with our coffee or tea.

Is Eating Poha Good For Health? 

Poha is not just popular for its versatility, it is also renowned for its high nutritional profile. It contains healthy carbohydrates and protein, which keep us feeling full and energised. Its high fibre content makes it easy to digest. Plus it contains vitamins and iron which are great for overall health.  

Why Poha Nuggets Is A Pure Delight 

The first bite into a poha nugget is an adventure in itself. The golden, crunchy coating provides a satisfying contrast to the softness within. Poha has natural binding properties, which make the ingredient best for fritters. As you enjoy this nugget, you discover the delicate balance of textures: the fluffy poha, the succulent fillings, and the light crispness of the exterior. The medley leaves your taste buds craving more.
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Enjoy The Burst Of Spices 

While staying true to the essence of poha, these nuggets bring forth an exciting range of flavours. The aromatic blend of spices and potatoes permeates every bite. The addition of besan adds a distinct nutty flavour and depth to the snack. The coating of breadcrumbs gives it a crunchy finish that crackles in our mouths. Is your mouth watering already? Let’s check out the recipe for yummy poha nuggets.  

Poha Nuggets Recipe I How To Make Poha Nuggets: 

The process of making poha nuggets is quite simple. First, wash poha and leave it to drain. In a bowl, mix it with mashed potatoes, besan, cornflour, and spices like green chillies, garlic, cumin powder, chilli flakes and oregano. Some chopped coriander leaves will bring freshness to the dish. Knead the mixture lightly and divide them into a small spherical shape. Coat in bread crumbs and fry till golden brown. Your poha nuggets are ready.
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Click here for the step-by-step recipe for poha nuggets. 

Elevate your weekday snacking with the delectable poha nuggets. We are sure you’ll love this recipe and save it for future cooking sessions. 

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