Talks With Ms Pushpa Varma – A known Digital and Content Creator

On exclusively speaking with her whose a well known name the influencer world in creating content. She famously says “When the Going gets tough then the Tough Gets Going “ for the Life Post Covid 19.
She further says marketing and branding is currently been leveraged by social media marketing tools to enhance brand images.
On exclusively speaking with her On life Post Covid 19 she adds to say that the Digital Era has pre ponded its entry by 5 years in India, What was supposed to happen after 5 years is happening now In India, Thus the earlier the people adopt the Digtial revolution Era the more it will be better and will further make them comfortable and easy. As she correctly adds that the Only thing permanent and constant in life is the word “Change” the earlier we adopt to it will be helpful to us, The Digital Era which is backed up by technology and a vision to do everything on the finger tips will soon be the future. Youth has already started adapting the digital era followed by the middle aged who are now getting comfortable with it. People will spend less on infrastructures and more on technology and this shift is now visible, Early adaptive will take the first move advantage in their respective fields.
On further speaking on the Tinsel town  she adds, Acceptance and action both can be seen with industries, companies and bollywood Producers as well as they have shifted most of their releases to OTT and other digital platforms  and are further making meaningful Substances understanding the audience, The budgets on social media and influencer marketing have increased phenomenally as compared to Sattelite Pre launch, the shift in this industry is to accept the technology with open arms and they too understand the importance of Digital Media and influencer Marketing. Staying in close communication with other digital content creators, Pushpa Varma shares a great bond and has strong contacts with her associates.
Her brilliance and mastery in her craft have made her a great and renowned name in the influencer industry.