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Indian hackers win $22000 Google bug bounty for uncovering major vulnerabilities

Two Indian hackers have won a cash prize of more than $22000 in bug bounty after they found major flaws in Google Cloud Program (GCP) projects. Two Indian hackers have won a total cash reward of more than $22000 as bug bounty from Google. Bug bounties are rewards, usually cash prizes, given by major tech companies to individuals who identify an error or vulnerability in their computer program or system. These particular bug bounties were awarded by Google to the Indian hacker duo for finding major security vulnerabilities in its Google Cloud Program (GCP) projects. Among them, the biggest bounty was a server-side request forgery (SSRF) bug and subsequent patch bypass which earned them a cool $5000.The two Indians who won the bounties are Sreeram KL and Sivanesh Ashok who are both par...