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Pongal: Having Guests Over? 6 Delicious Recipes For A Typical Pongal Lunch Meal

Pongal 2023: Makar Sankranti falls in the 'Posh' month of the Hindu calendar, when the sun starts its journey northwards. It is a great opportunity for foodies to get their hands on all types of sweets from all across India during this time, as Sankranti festivities are largely related to traditions in food and harvest, from peethe in Bengal to til gud ke laddoo in Maharashtra and Karnataka, and to pongal in Tamil Nadu. The harvest festival celebrated in the south is called Pongal. In Tamil, the word 'pong' means 'boil over' or 'spill over.' In this article, we will talk about pongal (festive food with the same name of the south Indian festival - Pongal), preparations for 'Pongal Bhojanam' (Pongal lunch meal) recipes, and the significance of the four-day long festivities down south.Pong...