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Plan A Fun Picnic Under The Winter Sun, And Don’t Forget To Pack these Snacks

When the sun shines bright on an otherwise cold day, you know it's time to head out and soak up some sunlight. The best way to enjoy the winter sun is by planning an outdoor picnic with your loved ones. Pack a large mat, slather some suntan lotion, set up a picnic basket and pick a nice, sunny spot to have a fun picnic. Now arranging the picnic basket might be a bit of a challenge. You want to carry foods that are easy to make, easy to carry and easier to eat out. We'll make your job easier with the following list of picnic-worthy snacks that will let you enjoy your food amid lots of conversations and laughter.Here're 7 Best Snacks To Carry In Your Picnic Baskets:1. IdliDry but delicious, idli is one of the best snacks to eat on the go. These steamed delights taste best when paired with...