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Try This Lal Mirch Chicken Recipe For Weekend Dinner. Watch Recipe Video

A tempting bowl of chicken curry is always the perfect dish to light up your dinner table. Served with some fresh and buttery garlic naan, chicken curry prompts us to lick our fingers as we just can't have enough of it. As you may have already tried a plethora of butter chicken and kadhai chicken recipes, it is time to explore other varieties of lip-smacking chicken gravies. So, if you are planning to make your dinner special this weekend, then we have got the perfect lal mirch chicken recipe for you.Chef Ranveer Brar, in an Instagram Reel, demonstrates the process to make a bowl of lal mirch chicken that you can enjoy with rice, chapatti, or naan.Also read: 19 Best Indian Chicken Curry Recipes | Chicken Gravy RecipesHow To Make Lal Mirch Chicken I Lal Mirch Chicken Recipe:To begin maki...