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Google Employees Petition Pichai for Better Handling of Job Cuts

Almost 1,400 employees at Google parent Alphabet Inc. have signed a petition calling for better treatment of staff during the layoff process, after the company announced it was cutting 12,000 jobs.In an open letter addressed to Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai, employees made a series of demands of the company, including freezing new hires, seeking voluntary redundancies before compulsory ones, giving priority to laid off workers for job vacancies and letting workers finish scheduled periods of paid time off, such as parental and bereavement leave. The workers also called on Alphabet to avoid terminating employees from countries with active conflicts or humanitarian crises, such as Ukraine, and provide extra support to those at risk of losing their visa-linked residency along wit...

Google staff anxiety runs high after 12000 colleagues cut

The company, owned by Alphabet Inc., had finally decided to cut 12000 employees, or 6 percent of the workforce. Google employees, after watching peers at rival tech firms lose their jobs en masse, were anxious about when layoffs would happen to them. Then on Friday morning, some of them couldn't get into their corporate accounts. The company, owned by Alphabet Inc., had finally decided to cut 12,000 employees, or 6% of the workforce. Employees described a mostly orderly if impersonal transition, communicated mostly via the same technology products they helped build, with no direct answers for individuals about why they were included or not. Some found out they lost their jobs via messages sent to their personal email addresses. With no central way to see w...