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Google and Microsoft Bet on 27-Year-Old Stanford Alum to Make AI Work For a Billion Users

In her one-room home on a quiet street in Agara, a tiny village three hours southwest of Bangalore that's fringed by rice paddies and groundnut fields, Preethi P. sits on a stool near a sewing machine. Normally, she would spend hours mending or stitching clothes, averaging  less than $1 a day for her work. On this day, however, she is reading a sentence in her native Kannada language into an app on a phone. She pauses briefly, then reads another.Preethi, who goes by a single name, as is common in the region, is among the 70 workers hired in Agara and neighboring villages by a startup called Karya to gather text, voice and image data in India's vernacular languages. She is part of a vast, unseen global workforce — operating in countries like India, Kenya and the Philippines — who collec...

EU parliament set to wield regulation hammer on AI; Know how it affects tech like ChatGPT-key takeaways

Yesterday, May 10, Google I/O 2023 keynote saw a surprise move being made. More than half of the entire event was around how Google is planning to bring artificial intelligence to its various products and services. And Google is not alone. Many major businesses are heavily investing in AI technology to bring it to the forefront of their offerings, and it can be concerning because, with all the progress, the regulatory framework, or the rules around the issue, has taken a back seat. But European Union has different plans as it has already begun drafting an ambitious Artificial Intelligence Act, which could be the first of its kind.How things changedThe draft was initially written two years ago, but the technology has moved in a different direction and the 108-page long draft falls short...

ChatGPT fear forcing Google into AI? May launch 20 products in 2023

A report suggests that Google is planning to bring over 20 new AI products after due to fears generated by the popularity of ChatGPT. ChatGPT's accelerating popularity seems to have affected Google! As per a report by The New York Times, the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin have conducted several meetings with executives of the company about ChatGPT. According to a report, Google fears that OpenAI's ChatGPT poses danger to the Google Search business. It added, “A rival's new chatbot, a clever AI product that looked as if it could be the first notable threat in decades to Google's $149 billion search business.”.The threat was considered so potent and immediate that it looks like Google is likely to launch over 20 new AI products of its own including a “wallpaper maker fo...