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This Chocolate Banana Peanut Pudding Will Tempt Your Tastebuds

Chocolate desserts can make your day. They can uplift your mood and they are perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings. One such amazing dessert is pudding. Yes, puddings are popular and can be your go-to dessert after a wonderful meal. Imagine diving into a drool-worthy chocolate pudding after a long day at work. We are sure, the thought is enough to make you slurp. Many people tend to avoid desserts or chocolate thinking that they are unhealthy. So, what can you do for a guilt-free indulgence? Maybe, add some healthy twists to it. Let us take you through a recipe shared by chef Guntas Sethi on Instagram. She demonstrated the process of making chocolate banana peanut pudding.  Also read: Indulge In Chocolatey Desserts With These 5 Quick Recipes Ready In 30 Mins    For the caption, she...

What Is Chocolate Salami And How To Make It At Home?

Chocolate Salami may conjure up a whole host of images in your mind. But take it from us, once you try making this at home there will be no going back. There is no meat in this salami but, instead, it has chocolate as its base and makes a great accompaniment to your coffee or tea. It's also a complete dessert by itself and even makes a great addition to an ice cream sundae. This sweet dessert roll has its origins in Italian and Portuguese cuisine and is primarily made of easy ingredients that can be found in your pantry. The name 'salami' comes from its physical appearance. Just like meat salami, it is rolled up into a tight cylinder and served sliced into discs. The chocolate salami is a rich chocolatey brown in colour with flecks of biscuits or nuts that resemble the white flecks in m...