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Gordon Ramsay Reacts To 2-Year-Old Eating Gourmet Meal, Exclaims “Mini Me!”

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his quick wit and harsh criticism of cooking videos online. The food whiz often shares hilarious and relatable videos on his social media profiles for millions of fans all over the world. Recently, Ramsay himself was in for a sweet surprise from one of his young fans. Levi, a 2-year-old, has gained popularity for his love of delicious food, which he enjoys thanks to his chef father. Gordon Ramsay took to Instagram to react to one of Levi's videos. In the video, the young food enthusiast was seen savouring a very special kind of meat, cooked and presented just like a dish served to an adult. Take a look:Also Read: Gordon Ramsay Reacts To Hilarious Video Of Chef Mimicking Him"Levi eats slow-braised oxtail with jicama slaw and lotus root chips," re...

Watch: Gordon Ramsay Reacts To Hilarious Video Of Chef Mimicking Him

Every time we scroll through our social media feed, we encounter dozens of hilarious videos on multiple subjects. From adorable pets to cute babies, humorous situations and even mimicry - there is so much funny content that goes viral every day. Celebrated chef Gordon Ramsay is one such internet personality who regularly indulges his fans with a laugh or two. His witty style of reacting to viral cooking videos on the internet is a form of content we eagerly await. This time, however, Gordon Ramsay added a twist and reacted to a video of a chef mimicking him. The hilarious video and Ramsay's reaction too left everyone in splits. Take a look:(Also Read: Gordon Ramsay's Hilarious Reaction To Bizarre Burger Patty)"Oh Gino Da Campo.....it's not Halloween tonight," wrote Ramsay in the caption...