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Paragon, Amrik Sukhdev Among List Of “150 Most Legendary Restaurants In The World”

A common dilemma that most of us face is whether to eat out or at home. While home-cooked food is certainly healthier and holds a special place in our hearts, we can't deny the fact that eating out at restaurants every now and then is equally exciting. Sometimes, we even develop a strong liking for a particular restaurant and find ourselves going back to it time and again. Be it the quality of food or the ambience, there's something about them that makes them our favourites, and we can never get tired of going to them. Recently, popular food guide Taste Atlas released a list of the "150 most legendary restaurants in the world." And the results grabbed our attention. Not just one, but seven Indian restaurants are featured in this list. It also highlighted the dishes one must try at these...

9 Best Restaurants Across The World To Add To Your Bucket List

A common conversation point among people these days is the idea or concept of a 'bucket list'. Like it or hate it, we all undoubtedly have a list of places to visit, foods to eat and experiences to cross off our list before we die. While we're planning where to travel - the priority for food-lovers is always searching for good quality food which would form a memorable meal and a wholesome dining experience. We have found some amazing restaurants from all over the world that every foodie should visit at least once. So, if you are pondering where to go and what your next destination would be, make your pick from these cities that are home to some of the best restaurants around the globe. The list isĀ in no particular order and is by no means exhaustive. But trust us when we say this, these...