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NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 22 January 2023: Breathtaking aurora over Norway

NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day for 22 January, 2023 is a stunning view of aurora over Norway after a solar flare slammed into Erath. The Sun just can't keep calm these days! The constant activity on the Sun is unleashing solar flares that are causing magnetic storms when they impact Earth. The most fascinating impact of these fierce solar flares are auroras! The Sun passed the solar minimum of its 11-year cycle only a few years ago, but the surface activity is picking up and already triggering more spectacular auroras here on Earth. However, this spectacular image shared by NASA as its Astronomy Picture of the Day for 22 January, is from 2014- it is of a breathtaking view of an aurora over Norway. NASA explained it this way, “Raise your arms if you see an aurora. ...