Suji Kachori Recipe: This Quick And Delicious Recipe Is Perfect For Mid-Week Treat

Spicy, fulfilling, and super indulgent are just a few words to describe our beloved kachori. These crispy north Indian treats are loved around the country. From the yummy aloo kachori and pyaaz kachori to sweet little pockets of matar kachori and sweet taste of mawa kachori, there is certainly no end to the flavours of this snack. Plus, once we try any of these variations, we simply cannot stop at just one piece! At least two pieces of kachoris dunked in a hot aloo curry are a must! And if you plan to make these kachoris at home, we suggest you start with a simple recipe. For the same, here we bring you a recipe of suji kachori that is perfect for a mid-week treat!

Generally, the traditional kachori batter uses all-purpose flour with soda and other things to give it a crispy and flaky texture. But despite following a halwai-style recipe, we may not get that texture that we are looking for in our kachoris. So, to bring that and make yummy kachoris at home, we have used suji in this recipe. Suji, also known as semolina, adds crunch to your dishes. When you make these suji kachoris, pair them with a delightful green chutney or aloo ki sabzi to make it even more indulgent. This recipe is perfect for the days you wish to enjoy something crispy!

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Suji Kachori recipe: Try this instant and delicious Kachori.

Suji Kachori Recipe: Here’s How To Make Suji Kachoris

Heat some oil. Add the ginger, then roast it over a low flame for one minute. Peas and green chilies should be added next, and the mixture should be roasted for one minute at a low to medium temperature. Throw in salt, jeera, red chilli, amchur, and garam masala with mashed potatoes. Add the chopped coriander after a minute and stir. Turn off the gas, then wait for the stuffing to cool. Begin preparing the dough by putting some water in a pan. Add salt, ajwain, and oil to the water. Stir in one cup of sooji until smooth paste forms. Smoothen this out, then make dough. Fill the stuffing in small dough balls, flatten them, and deep fry till golden! Take these out and enjoy.

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