Squirrel Travels From India To Scotland On A Ship After A 3-Week Trip, Rescued

The rescuers gave it the nickname “Zippy” since they saw that it was extremely active, fit, and quick.

A squirrel travelled all the way from India to Scotland on a boat after covering a distance of hundreds of miles and has been rescued by the staff members of The New Arc Wildlife Hospital, North East Wildlife & Animal Rescue Centre, in Aberdeenshire.

A post was shared on Facebook by The New Arc on August 30 along with a picture of the squirrel.

According to the post, the crew members received a call on August 29 from two locals who work for Pest Solutions in Aberdeen.

They asked whether the rescue centre would be willing to take in the squirrel they spotted on a boat that arrived from India. After an hour of getting the call, the members of the hospital showed up and safely secured the squirrel in a pet carrier.

“Our knowledge of Indian Squirrels is hardly encyclopedic so we had used the time between the call and his arrival in quickly swotting up on the likely arrival. India has over 40 different species of squirrel ranging from ground squirrels to giant flying squirrels. However, we decided to arrange accommodation for the most likely species which was one of the banded Squirrels,” the post further said.

The hospital further said that it was an Indian palm squirrel, also known as a three-striped palm squirrel, which is the most prevalent kind observed in gardens across the country, the post further said.

The rescuers gave it the nickname “Zippy” since they saw that it was extremely active, fit, and quick. The Indian Palm Squirrel spent three weeks sailing the seas on a boat before being rescued by the personnel of the wildlife hospital.

According to the wildlife hospital, Zippy is now in good condition and they have started looking for a new permanent home for it.

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