Specially-Abled Swiggy Delivery Person Rides Motorised Wheelchair; Internet Reacts

Whenever hungry, we instantly open the food delivery apps and order all kinds of dishes to satisfy our cravings. Your favourite meals are prepared and delivered to your door with just a few taps and clicks. From the minute the restaurant accepts the order till the time it reaches you, all we have to do is sit back and track the order. Although this process is easy for us, many are unaware of what happens behind the scenes. Several times on social media, the hard work of delivery workers who toil day and night to make a living has been emphasised. Another such incident has surfaced on Twitter. This time, you can spot a delivery agent riding in her wheelchair to deliver the food.

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The chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women, Swati Maliwal, posted the video on Twitter. A wheelchair-riding Swiggy delivery agent can be seen delivering orders in the video. The wheelchair is connected to a motor so that the woman can have easy access to the roads. In the caption of the video, Swati Maliwal wrote, “Beshak mushkil hai Zindagi, humne konsa haar maana seekha hai. Salam hai iss jazbe ko. (Life is undoubtedly difficult, but we have not learned to accept defeat. I salute her passionate spirit.).” Take a look at the Tweet below:

Ever since this video was shared on the micro-blogging platform, it has been viewed 296K times and has up to two thousand likes and several reactions. Many people appreciated the lady’s hard work, while some pointed out the difficulties a specially-abled person has to face. You can check out some of the comments below:

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“Yes, I salute lady and her hard work. But it forces me to think. Whether as a society or government, we fail to cater to the needs of handicapped people. So they need to go through such a hardship.”

“Salute to all such men & women across the globe who continue to value their existence. Fighting with challenges & yet coming out as winners deserve all appreciation. Such examples motivate those who are holding themselves inside doors. Well done, you are real champions of life.”

“Thanks for sharing. I am glad that differently-abled people are getting opportunities to be part of the mainstream. Thanks to the new-gen companies like @Swiggy and @letsblinkit for embracing diversity in their workforce. This is a very positive picture for our society.”

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“Ma’am, access to assistive devices, accessible infrastructure, and opportunities is missing for most persons with #disabilities. If that were the case, this wouldn’t be a novelty but rather the norm.”

“There are those who fight to change their circumstances and those who accept things as they are. She’s a fighter.”

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