Reddit User Shares Video Of Her Three-Eyed Kitten, Internet Stunned

Reddit user u/Alloth shared a short video of her three-eyed cat

Internet is full of weird content. But the good thing is there is something for almost everyone. A Reddit user shared a short clip of her kitten born with three eyes. The video has grabbed everyone’s attention, and has received 9,600 upvotes and 56 comments in just one hour. 

The video was posted by Reddit user u/Alloth. It shows the unique eye deformity of the cat, born with two eyes often merging into one in the same eye socket. The poster captioned the post, “Cat with a third eyeball.”  

Check out the post here:  The three-eyed kitten touched many hearts, with many expressing love. A user wrote, “He’s the chosen one!” A curious user commented, “Is the third eye functional though? Does it share a retina?” A veterinarian tried to explain the Redditors about the condition, “Random mutations happen all the time. Most of them get corrected or the cell gets eliminated before it multiplies. Of the ones that get to stay, most of them are irrelevant, in a non-coding part of the DNA. But very few actually get through and cause an interesting change like this. Other examples of such mutations are polydactyly, albinism, heterochromia and so on.” “I hope its not painful….because that looks painful,” fourth comment read.  

In August, another Redditor shared a picture of her short-lived kitten born with three eyes. The images of poor feline were shared by user Subreddit “Oddly Terrifying.” Her post broke many hearts after euthanization. The user wrote, “My newborn kitten was born three-eyes”, the user revealed in the comments that the kitten was also born with a cleft palate.   

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