Plaka Cocktail Bar And Bistro Is The Newest Addition To Cyber Hub, Gurugram

The restaurant scene in Cyber Hub Gurugram is ever-changing and dynamic. We have seen so many interesting places open up, much to the delight of foodies in Delhi and Gurugram. If you are planning to head to the vibrant and buzzing atmosphere in Cyber Hub, we have a new place you should definitely try. Plaka Cocktail Bar and Bistro is the latest addition to Cyber Hub, Gurugram. Helmed by Mr. Priykant Gautam of Simpatico Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., it is a Greek-themed restaurant with multiple cuisines and delicious cocktails.

Right from the ambience to the décor, everything exudes soothing vibes in blue and white colours. Plaka claims to be the only restaurant in the Cyber Hub area that will serve guests till late hours up to 2am. Coming to the menu, Plaka has multiple Greek, Turkish and Continental delights to offer. We started off our meal with the Dahi Kebab – scrumptious yogurt-filled delights in charcoal skin. Next, we tried the signature Plaka Fried Chicken which was spicy yet tantalising.

Dahi Kebab. Photo Credit: NDTV Food


Plaka Fried Chicken. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

Plaka has plenty of drinks to choose from. Our top picks were the Banana Caramel Frappe – fresh banana blended with caramel syrup, coffee powder and milk and vanilla ice cream. There was also the Eastern Elixir made with Litchi juice, rose syrup well-shaken with lime, and topped up with tender coconut. Coming to Dim Sums, we tried the Chicken and Thai Herbs Dim Sum. The signature Chicken Seekh Kebab with a Turkish spice blend was also quite unique and enjoyable.


Eastern Elixir and Banana Caramel Frappe. Photo Credit: NDTV Food


Chicken Thai Herbs Dim Sum. Photo Credit: NDTV Food


Chicken Seekh Kebab. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

Coming to mains, we simply had to try the Turkish-style Margherita Pide Pizza. The simple Margherita flavoured delight had tomato sauce, blistering cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and bocconcini shavings and was the highlight of our meal. Lastly, the Tomato Cream Pasta with veggies and pesto-smeared bread brought a delicious end to our meal.


Turkish Margherita Pide Pizza. Photo Credit: NDTV Food


Tomato Cream Pasta. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

So, head to Plaka for a delicious meal amidst a Greek-themed backdrop.

What: Plaka Cocktail Bar And Bistro

Where: C/1A, Upper Ground Floor, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

When: All Days, 11am – 2am

Price for two: Rs. 1,500 for two (approx.)

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