Old Video Shows Fire Raging In the Middle Of The Ocean Near Mexico

The video shows bright orange flames jumping out of water resembling molten lava.

A dramatic video showing bright orange flames raging on the surface of the sea is going viral on the internet. The short clip shows a fire on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico that erupted after a gas leak from an underwater pipeline.

The incident took place last year in July, as pointed out by several social media users, but the video is gaining traction again. The footage of what looks like a scene from an end-of-the-world movie has left the internet stunned.

Watch the video below: 

It is hard to believe that this video is real. But it is. 

The clip shows bright orange flames jumping out of water resembling molten lava. It also shows around four boats surrounding the circle of fire in a bid to put out the raging flames.

Shared just a few hours back, the video has already accumulated hundreds of upvotes on Reddit. 

According to previous reports, the incident happened when an underwater oil pipeline connected to an offshore platform complex ruptured. The fire took more than five hours to fully doused, Pemex, Mexico’s state-owned Pemex petrol company, had stated. 

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Pemex had also explained that a lightning storm with heavy rain affected some of the pipeline equipment – at the same time that a gas leak had been detected in the pipeline. As the gas rose to the water’s surface, it was hit with electrical shocks from the storm, causing the fire to break out. 

Once the fire was doused, the company added that normal operating conditions were resumed and there was also no spill or environmental damage during the incident. 

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