Mountain Of Debris After Noida Twin Towers Razed, Mega Clean-Up: 10 Points


The twin towers were demolished by a controlled explosion last afternoon

New Delhi:
Residents of Noida’s Emerald Court housing society woke up today to a mountain of debris left behind by the controlled explosion that brought the Supertech twin towers to the ground, capping their nine-year legal battle with the realtor.

  1. Visuals from the site showed cleaners at work, scraping the layer of dust from the ground near the site where the twin towers stood till 2.30 pm yesterday.

  2. The covers of the buildings next to the twin towers, put up to minimise the entry of dust caused by the blasts, are yet to come off, and a huge mass of rubble could be seen in front of them.

  3. NDTV spoke to Aarti Kappula, a member of the resident welfare association of the housing society in Noida’s Sector 93A. She said she returned home around 11.30 at night. “There was a smell of dynamite, the rest was fine. We just removed the AC covers and slept off.”

  4. This morning, she said, she woke up to a clear sky. “We had received an advisory that there will be pollution. When I woke up, I saw a blue sky, so I came out without a mask,” said the RWA member, who manages the housekeeping and horticulture services for the society.

  5. Asked if there is a plan to celebrate the legal victory against the realtor and the demolition of the twin towers on the ground of illegality, the resident said, “Absolutely, we have planned it this evening. We are going to get together for a while. The battle is won for sure. It’s an example for the entire country.”

  6. Residents of the society had moved court, contending that the realtor Supertech built the twin towers in an area that was to be made into a garden in the original building plan. They argued that the realtor violated norms to sell more flats and enhance profit margins.

  7. The realtor later modified the building plan to include two more towers with 24 floors. This was approved by the authorities. A later plan, increasing the number of floors to 40 was also cleared.

  8. The matter reached the Supreme Court, which found that the realtor violated building norms in collusion with Noida authorities. The court last year ordered the demolition of the two towers at the realtor’s expense.

  9. The Uttar Pradesh government, the resident said, did not interfere in the legal battle between the society residents and the realtor. “I hope the government continues to be like that. In fact, it should pull authorities… residents suffer.

  10. She said their immediate concern is the debris spread across the site of demolition. She said Edifice, the firm which carried out the demolition, had initially told them that they will break down the large pieces of debris and gradually clear it. “We don’t want that, we have suffered enough due to the pollution, we want them to pick up the debris in cranes and lorries and just take them. They can break them anywhere, but not here.


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