Mouni Roy’s Latest Fruity Indulgence Is Motivating Us To Eat Healthy

There are so many reasons why you must include fruits in your diet. Apart from their irresistible texture and delicious flavours, fruits are packed with vitamins, fibres and minerals. Someone who just reminded us of the importance of fruits is Mouni Roy. Her culinary adventures are popular on social media. Whether it’s home-cooked Bengali delicacies or other exotic food items, we have seen Mouni enjoying it all. This time, she decided to give a healthy twist to her indulgence. The actress dropped a video on her Instagram where she can be seen biting into a slice of watermelon. For the caption, Mouni wrote, “Watermelon sugar etc etc.”    

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Like Mouni Roy, you can also chomp on watermelon and make the most of this nutritious fruit. To make it more interesting, you can use watermelon to rustle up various delicacies. Here’s a list of five watermelon recipes that you can try out.

1) Mediterranean Watermelon Salad

You can savour this bright red fruit in the form of salad. For this, all you need is watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and bell peppers. Don’t forget to use some spices like parsley, salt and pepper to amp up its taste. Find the recipe here.  

2) Spicy Watermelon Soup

After all, when will you have soups if not during this season? Winters call for appetising soups that are flavourful and equally healthy. You can quickly make this soup at home and enjoy it with your family. You hardly need five ingredients – watermelon, ginger-garlic paste, mint, chilli flakes and olive oil. Recipe here

3) Twisted Smoothie

If you love shakes or refreshing smoothies, try this one out. Just take watermelon, banana, milk or yoghurt, soaked almonds, and mint leaves and blend everything together. Top it up with your favourite fruit and it’s ready! Click here for the recipe.

4) Watermelon Curry

Do you know, you can also cook up a curry using watermelon? Never heard it before? Check out this recipe. In this delicacy, a range of spices and beans are infused with watermelon juice, tomato puree, paneer and mango slices. Find the recipe here

5) Watermelon Halwa

This Indian dessert has a separate fanbase. If you are craving something sweet and desi, this is the dish you can try out. Have it as a dessert after a good meal or consume it simply when you are craving sweets. Recipe here.  

Apart from being delicious, watermelon is highly nutritious. It promotes heart health, and kidney function and helps normalising blood pressure as well. Loaded with a huge percentage of water, it helps in keeping dehydration at bay.

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