Man Orders Biryani From Zomato’s New Inter-City Delivery, Gets Only Salan

India has a vast repertoire of culinary gems across different states. As you travel the lengths and breadths of the country, you will realise that every state and region has so many delicious recipes that are loved by all. Zomato has recently launched a new inter-state delivery service that will deliver iconic dishes from different parts of India to your doorstep. According to the terms of the service, the food will be refrigerated for the duration of the journey that would take at least a day to complete. Recently, a customer from Gurgaon tried ordering some biryani from the legendary Hotel Shadab in Hyderabad but ended up disappointed. The reason was that he only got Salan and the Biryani was missing from his order! Take a look at what the customer wrote on Twitter:

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Biryani is indeed a much-loved delight that is popular across the country. Hyderabad’s biryani, in particular, is world famous and a highlight of the city’s culinary landscape. Twitter user Prateek Kanwal narrated the funny incident about his biryani order on his profile. He said that the chicken biryani was missing from his order and all he got was the Salan! “Ordered chicken biryani from Hotel Shadab using Zomato’s interstate legend service and all I got was a small box of salan,” he wrote on Twitter. He addressed Zomato’s CEO Deepinder Goyal and added, “This seemed like a great idea but my dinner plans are up in the air now. Now, you owe me a Biryani in Gurgaon!” He also revealed that he was not just a customer but also a shareholder of Zomato.

The funny post by the Zomato customer received plenty of likes and comments from Twitter users, who could relate to his biryani blues. Many of them shared laughter emojis and similar reactions to the post.

Take a look at the reactions:

Zomato promptly responded to the complaint on Twitter. Later, they managed to track his biryani order and meanwhile, even arranged a replacement biryani for him. “Credit where it’s due! Sushant from customer service and product head of Zomato interstate legends not only tracked my biryani but also sent me an extra biryani from Biryani By Kilo! Issue has been resolved. At least, as a shareholder I feel good about customer service,” he wrote in his tweet. Take a look:

What did you think of the hilarious incident when biryani went missing? Have you ever had a similar experience? Tell us in the comments below.

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