Korean Egg Roll: This Delightful And Easy Egg Recipe Will Be Ready In 15 Mins

If you love to follow all things Korean and enjoy cooking, you have come to the right place! Korean beauty, dramas, music, and food have become all the rage in the last few years. While many love exploring the various genres of Korean things, the food from this region has a separate fan base! The spicy-looking teokbokki and ramen, fermented kimchi, cucumber pickles, and so many more dishes entice us to have a bite of them. So, if you also want to try Korean cuisine, we suggest you start with something simple. For the same, here we have a quick and easy recipe for Korean egg rolls that are a must-try!

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The Korean egg rolls, also known as Gyrean Mari, are entirely different from what we see in India. Indian egg rolls generally are wrapped in a roti or paratha. But the Korean ones are made just using eggs and light spices. This dish makes for a nutritious meal to have any day and any time. In fact, people in Korea not only have this in breakfast, but it also makes for a popular side dish to serve with other meals! Plus, having eggs for breakfast is extremely nutritious. It gives you the energy to get through the day and provides a protein punch. So, without waiting, let us check out this Korean egg roll recipe.

Korean Egg Roll Recipe: Here’s How To Make Korean Egg Roll

Take three-four eggs and break them into a bowl. Beat them together and add salt and pepper. With this, add spring onions and carrots. If you want, you can add more vegetables and spices as per your taste. Now, heat a pan on medium flame. Drop a thin layer of this egg mixture. Once it starts to cook, add some cheese and roll the egg to the corner of the pan. Now, again add a thin layer of the egg mixture and roll it above the last egg roll. Repeat this with your remaining mix till you have a thick-looking roll with separate layers. Once done, take it off the heat and cut it into small slices. Eat and enjoy!

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For the full recipe of this Korean Egg Roll, click here.

Try out this yummy and easy recipe and let us know how you found its taste!

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