Karisma Kapoor’s “Post-Shoot” Drink Defines Comfort – See Post

Karisma Kapoor’s love for food is evident on social media platforms. The actress likes to relish a variety of food items including home-cooked delicacies and sweet treats. She is also fond of documenting her culinary adventures and sharing them online with her Insta-fam. Recently, Karisma shared a delightful video on Instagram and yes, it has a foodie spin! In the clip, she is seen sipping her delicious coffee, enjoying some me-time after shoot. The actress is seated on a chair spending some quality time with her hot brew. In the caption, she mentioned, “Post shoot coffee’s are always the best,” and added emojis of a cup of coffee, a cookie and a heart.        

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If you love coffee as well, we have curated the perfect list of five coffee recipes that will never disappoint you.

1)Filter coffee

Every coffee lover needs to try this delicious brew, popular in the Southern part of the country. This coffee is filtered through a perforated container and mixed with milk. You can relish this coffee whenever you want; however, it tastes best with authentic South Indian food items like idli or dosa. Here’s the recipe.

2) Cappuccino

Cappuccino is a well-balanced beverage that is the perfect combination of coffee and milk. Easy on the palette and simple to make, this is a must-try. See the recipe

3) Spiced coffee

Do you enjoy coffee with a desi twist? Here’s a phenomenal recipe with the flavours of ginger and cardamom. This is a good recipe when you want to whip up a cup of coffee for yourself at home after a long day at work. Don’t forget to top it with some grated chocolate on top. Check the recipe here.

4) Mint coffee

This is for all those who never knew that mint can be added to coffee. You just need a few ingredients to prepare this drool-worthy coffee at home. Just take freshly brewed black coffee, mint sprigs, sugar, milk and ice and you are good to go. See the recipe here.   

5) Cold coffee

This can be your go-to beverage on any day. Cold coffee appeals to the tastebuds of people who wish to ditch the regular hot brew and enjoy coffee with the goodness of crushed ice. This is the best pick on days when temperatures keep soaring. Here’s the recipe.

Tell us your pick from the list.

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