Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Naan On Tawa – Step-By-Step Recipe Video

Indians can’t imagine a meal without their breads. Roti, paratha etc. make a constant part of our everyday thali. In fact, if you explore the cuisine well, you will find every region has a bread of its own. Naan being one such popular instance. A North Indian staple, naan makes for a perfect bread to pair with dishes with richer and creamier taste and aroma. Imagine, pairing buttery naan with butter chicken and peyaj! Already slurping? But making naan is not as simple as it sounds. Traditionally naan is made in a tandoor that adds that smoky flavour to it; but having a tandoor in every household seems quite difficult. So what is the best alternative to it? 

If you ask us, we would say, go for your regular tawa to make the dish. How, you ask? We found a recipe that demonstrates the process of making naan on a tawa, in detail. The tips have been shared by food vlogger Reshu on her YouTube channel ‘Cooking with Reshu’. Take a look. 

How To Make North Indian-Style Naan On Tawa: 

  • Start with making the dough. Add dahi in a bowl and to it, add wheat flour and maida. You can also make the naan by just using maida.  
  • Add some salt, sugar and baking soda to it. Mix everything together.  
  • Add some water, if needed. Make sure the dough is soft. Now cover it and let it rest for two hours. 
  • Now take some oil on your palm and spread on the dough. This will help you make soft naan. 
  • Cut small roundels and roll it flat with rolling pin. Sprinkle some freshly chopped coriander on the roundels.  
  • Spread some water on one side of the naan and place the naan on a hot tawa. Keep the watery side down.  
  • As soon as you get to see the bubble on the naan, turn around the tawa – the bread will be on the flame’s side.  
  • Toast the naan well and heat equally to get it well toasted. 
  • Apply some butter on the naan and it is ready to be relished. 

Watch the detailed recipe video below: 

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Now that you have the naan ready, pair it with a delicious sabzi and indulge. Click here for some classic North Indian recipes that can go well with the naan.

Enjoy your meal! 

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