How To Make Vegetable Puff: A Yummy Flaky Snack For Tea-Time

Tea time is the favourite time of the day for many of us. Having tea after a hectic day feels like bliss amid chaos. But, when it comes to tea, what’s a fantastic cup of chai without some snacks!? Any kind of snack, whether healthy or fried, goes well with our evening cuppa. However, cooking snacks, especially with tea, seems like a whole task. After all, no one wants to make masalas for samosa and kachoris and fry them later on. So, many of us just resort to having the basic namkeen and biscuits. However, if you crave a different taste, we have just the snack recipe you need. Here we bring you a recipe for yummy vegetable puffs that you must try.

Puffs make for a great snack that can be eaten at any time of the day. In fact, you can even play around with the stuffing and try different flavours. However, to keep things simple, this vegetable puff is the best to try. In this recipe, we have used a bunch of vegetables to increase the nutritional value of this snack. This vegetable puff is flaky from the outside and mushy from the inside. You can also dip this in spicy chutney or plain ketchup! Check out the full recipe below.

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Vegetable Puff or parcel can be a great way to enjoy tea time.

Vegetable Puff Recipe: Here’s How To Make Vegetable Puff

First, take maida, salt, and some oil. Make dough out of this. Let it rest. Now chop vegetables like onion, mushrooms, capsicum, and carrots. Cook this in some oil with salt, pepper, red chilli powder, and chaat masala. Now, flatten out the dough and add the filling in the middle. Close this like a potli so that the filling stays intact. You can even add cheese in the middle. Now you can deep fry these puffs, bake them or even air-fry them as per your choice. Once they are golden and crisp, take them out and relish them with your chai!

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Try out these recipes and let us know how you liked their taste!

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