Easy Egg Recipe: Make Unique Steamed Spinach Eggs For Healthy Breakfast

If there’s one food that has been universally accepted as breakfast staple, it is egg. Most of us make different kinds of egg recipes each morning to kick-start the day. The best part is that egg is truly a versatile food. Boil it, fry it, scramble it or bake it – there are numerous options to plate up the eggs the way you want to. But have you ever tried steaming the egg? We guess not, at least not all of you. So here bring you a very popular recipe of steamed spinach egg that is really trending on the internet these days, and we thought why not try it out.  

Besides being utterly delicious, steamed spinach egg is healthy and highly nutritious as well. Imagine all the nutrients from the superfood spinach combining with the protein and vitamin D-rich eggs. An on top of it, the dish is steamed so it’s super healthy all the way. 

As healthy and delicious it may sound, we feel what really directed attention towards this dish is its look! Yes, the steamed spinach egg dish turns out to be a bulky loaf, which is cut into smaller slices that you can easily pick up and eat. It makes for a great starter at gatherings too. Are you already excited about trying it out? Here’s the recipe. 

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Spinach and egg make for some interesting breakfast recipes. 

Steamed Spinach Egg Recipe I How To Make Steamed Spinach Egg 

First, wash and blanch about 200 gms of spinach till they wilt. This should not take more than 5 minutes. Strain and keep it aside to cool down. In a bowl, break 4-5 eggs and whisk well. Add salt and black pepper powder to taste. Then add 1 tsp sesame oil and 1 tsp corn flour. Also add about 1/4 cup warm water. Mix and then add the spinach and combine everything well.  

Now pour the mixture into a glass bowl, cover it firmly with a cling wrap, and poke some holes on the top with the help of a tooth pick. Now keep this bowl in a steamer or place it on a steam plate over boiling water. Let it cook. Take it out and cut it into slices. 

Pair this egg dish with sauce or chutney of your choice. Here are some Asian sauces you can try.  

Simple, isn’t it? Next time you plan to make eggs for breakfast, pick this recipe without thinking twice.  

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