Dive In The Culinary Journey Of Bihari Cuisine At Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar

India is a country bustling with age-old recipes and dishes that are specific to regions. Wherever you go, each state and town has a taste and flavour for you to discover. Among this variety, Bihari cuisine is yet to be explored by Indians. The jewel of the East is not only rich in culture and heritage but also has an extensive variety of food to offer. While the state is primarily known for the famous Litti Chokha, you’ll be surprised by the other tastes you can find here. So, if you are also interested in trying out the dishes from this region, Desi Connoisseurs are holding a Bihari food fest- Purvaiya 2.0 at Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar! We visited the fest ourselves and tasted some of the delights that the chefs had prepared!

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As soon as you walk into the fest, you’ll find the restaurant is decked in authentic Bihari style. When you enter, there is a live counter where a duo is making fresh litti chokhas along with special varieties of parathas. As you move further into the restaurant, there is another live counter of puchkas, aloo tikki, and pakodas! Just beside that, the main course is on display in traditional handi pots! Desi Connoisseurs have kept every single detail from Bihar and have given an experience of the region in Delhi!

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Coming to the food, first up, we highly recommend you try out the puchkas. These puchkas were as spicy as you expected them to be. Trust me, having two pieces of this delight will zing up your mouth! So, after the spicy puchkas, go for aloo tikki, which has mild flavours.


Next, before you begin with the main course, you cannot miss out on their Litti Chokha. The aroma of mustard oil is perfectly present in both aloo Chokha and baingan Chokha. And with the side of fresh tomatoes, the ghee-laden littis become more flavourful.


Now, coming to the main course, just looking at the hands will excite you to dig into it. In the vegetarian section, we highly recommend you try the aloo baingan, Suran sabzi, and chana dal. These dishes, along with an aloo pyaaz paratha, will leave you drooling! For the non-vegetarians, you cannot miss out on the fish curry and mutton ahuna!


While you may want to have more and more of the main course, keep some space for the Bihari special mithai! There is a selection of Parwal mithai, laddoos, bondi, khaja, and more. Along with this, there is also a selection of brownies, desserts, and gulab jamuns!

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Overall, we feel that Desi Connoisseurs and Holiday Inn have captured the essence of Bihar wonderfully through the ambiance and food. If you want to get a taste of this, we recommend you to go to this festival!

When: 1st September-11th September

Where: District Centre, 13A, Mayur Place, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110091

Cost per plate: INR 1890 plus taxes

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