Derivatives expert Aksha Khosla bets on Banking and Financial sector , Says Bank Nifty likely to reach 50000 in 2022

Aksha Khosla

Aksha Khosla ,One of India’s finest derivative analyst and expert who has an extensive understanding of investment strategies and is known for his consistency in giving repetitive and regular profits to his clients since more than a decade. That’s the reason why his all 12 stockbroking companies are counted among the best in business today with a monthly trading turnover of 2000+ Crores.

In an exclusive interview with us, Aksha Khosla shared his views and predictions which are most of the times accurate.

1)Your predictions of indices once breaking 17380 will grow faster was accurate , today Indices trade higher, Nifty around 17,700 , What Next ?

Ans :-Market will further continue to make new highs in the coming weeks , specially the financial sector which was under performing in the year 21 will now out perform , its currently playing a role of a catch up and out perform the other indices.

2)Over 500 stocks have touched their 52 week highs during the day today , Your Inputs ?

Ans:- Yes Indeed , You will see more stocks hitting their 52 week highs in the coming few weeks as even foreign and domestic institutions both have started buying.

3)(LIC) is expected to start filing the draft papers for its public issue with (SEBI) , Investors should vouch for it ?

Ans :- Only time will tell , Investors should look at the IPO Price and valuation of the company which they will come up with it which matters the most.

4)Securities and Exchange Board of India on Monday made changes in the “exercise mechanism” of option contracts on commodity futures, Can you please elaborate on it ?

Ans:- Yes True , SEBI Has taken this step basis the feedback received from the stock exchanges , which is likely to be be effective from 1st February 2022, under the new mechanism all the money options contracts will be exercised automatically.

5) Any Industry to bet on ? any Tips /Suggestions to the readers.?

Ans :- Sure , Banking and Financial Sector which had under performed in the year 2021 will now out perform all the other sectors in 2022 , Bank Nifty may likely touch 50,000 this year.

6) How do you see the market the first Quarter this year ?

Ans :- Institutional Buying has come back , Markets will remain cheerful and the there will be a pre and post budget rally.