Delivery Agent Eats Man’s Chicken Wings And Fries, Explains In Funny Note

Imagine you have gone through a long day at work and are feeling extremely hungry. You quickly place an order to get some fast food delivered at your doorstep. The next half an hour is spent in anticipation of that delicious food that is your favourite meal. But when the meal comes to your home, you realise that the contents of the food package are missing! How would you react in these circumstances? This was exactly the frustrating situation that a man found himself in. He took to social media to narrate the ordeal he went through when he placed an order online. Take a look:

Damien Sanders was the man with whom this incident happened. He took to his Instagram handle @thesuedeshow to share his experience. In the clip, he showed his packet delivered by the restaurant through the app DoorDash. When he opened the packet and took out the boxes of food from it, they were empty. The box of French fries was eaten up, and the box of chicken wings had just leftover bones in it. The only thing that was intact in the order was the drink that Sanders ordered!

The delivery agent even left an explanatory note with the order, adding to the hilarity of the situation. He used a number of abbreviations in his explanation. “I’m sorry I ate your food. I’m broke and hungry. Consider it like you’re paying it forward. I’m quitting this lame job on the way. Be blessed. Your Door Dash Guy,” wrote the delivery executive in his note. Meanwhile, Sanders were extremely hungry and didn’t know what to do now that he did not get his food order. He decided to get a refund but that would still not provide him any food to satisfy his hunger!

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Instead of chicken wings, the customer got just a pile of bones. Photo: iStock

The hilarious incident garnered a flurry of reactions on social media. “Haha just forgive him, at least he’s honest about it,” commented one user while another wrote, “It’s really not funny though!” A few others thought that the delivery executive should not have delivered the rest of the order to Sanders. They suggested that Sanders himself wrote the note and made up the incident to garner views on social media. “He could have just not delivered it and went on his own way. People will do anything for publicity,” said one user.

What did you think of the funny yet exasperating incident? Tell us if you’ve ever faced a similar situation in the comments below.

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