Delicious Or Bizarre? This Kulfi Idli Is Giving Foodies Mixed Thoughts

Idli is one of the most loved South Indian delicacies. It is a type of a savoury rice cake made from fermented rice and lentil batter. Popularly eaten for breakfast, idli tastes best when paired with piping hot sambar and coconut chutney. But what would your reaction be if someone experimented with the humble idli and made something unique and creative with it? A recent photo that has surfaced online is doing the rounds for creating idli with a unique twist to it. It is called kulfi idli. This bizarre food has left Twitter divided.  

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A picture of the bizarre food was shared on Twitter by an account called @VisitUdupi. In the photo, you can see idlis that are carved in the shape of a kulfi. They have a stick attached to them, just like an ice cream. These savoury rice cakes can also be dipped into the sambar that is kept along. “Kulfi Idli,” read the caption of the tweet. Check out the picture of kulfi idli here: 

Since being shared, the post has amassed over 55.8K views and 857 likes. A number of foodies reacted to the photo of kulfi idli and expressed their thoughts about it in the comments section. While some argued that it would take away the originality of the South Indian breakfast, others found it innovative and were willing to try it. Check out some of the reactions below: 

“Looking good. New innovation and all that is good but the age-old tradition of having idli as it is, and enjoying it with your hands, that experience is divine. Everything has to be innovated into something new, not sure if this kulfi idli can match. Just my opinion!” 

“No. Such things. Please stop making such things under the name of innovation. Please keep the originality of South Indian cuisine.” 

“Looking mouth-wateringly delicious.” 

“Very innovative indeed.” 

“Love the presentation. Is it available in Udupi? If yes, where?” 

This is not the only time idli has been in the news. Recently, a video of lava idli went viral on the internet. This bizarre dish was made with a combination of idli and golgappa. Indian foodies were not happy with this innovation. Read more about it here.  

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