“Brutal Honesty”: Patna Platform Staffer’s “Bathroom Break” Signboard Goes Viral

One Twitter user said that this apex level of honesty is also not right.

Although it is said that honesty is the best policy, sometimes truthful statements serve as fodder for memes. Such an instance was made public after a picture of a train reservation desk went viral.

The case is that of Patna Junction. Here, a white-colored board was put up at a platform ticket counter. By the way, such whiteboards are put up to inform people when the window is open or closed. But the railway officials had written on the board—”Coming from the bathroom”.

This 14-second video, which was posted on Twitter on August 30 under the handle @4mlvodka, is currently being viewed a lot on social media.

This video of Patna Junction is trending on social media, he stated in the caption.

Now, observe the writing on his ticket counter. This video opens with a display of the “Platform Ticket Counter” board.

After that, the camera moves slowly toward the ticket office’s window, where a whiteboard is visible.

Coming from the restroom is written on that board. The mere act of reading this impressed everyone on the internet!

While watching this video, a lot of people are laughing, and a lot of people also use the chance to make amusing comments on the railways.

One Twitter user said that this apex level of honesty is also not right.

One said that “They ought to be awarded the Honesty Medal.”

Some users appreciated that he had informed the passengers about where he had gone, so that they would not be worried.

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