Boy Gets Dish Cloth Stuffed In McDonald’s Wrap Pack, Leaves Family Horrified

Fast-food chains have gained immense popularity over the years. We all have fond memories of visiting our favourite fast-food restaurant and indulging in some yummy food. They are one of the most preferred options for times when we want to grab a quick meal or do not have ample time to cook. Fast-food is inexpensive, convenient and tastes good, which is why we all love it so much. However, have you ever been in a situation where you were left disappointed with the quality of food or service offered at your favourite fast-food chain? While they are popular for maintaining consistency, sometimes even the best restaurants fail to keep up with standard quality measures. Recently, an Irish man was horrified to find a dish cloth stuffed in his son’s McDonald’s chicken wrap pack.  

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Martin Holmes, from Derry, Northern Ireland, had gone to collect his family’s takeaway order from a McDonald’s outlet in Derry’s Waterside. On reaching home, he started handing out everyone’s respective orders. While doing so, he noticed that there was something wrong with his seven-year-old son’s chicken wrap. He was shocked to find a folded dish cloth in the pack and no food in sight. Speaking about the incident, the father said, “You don’t mind when you’re short a portion of chips or the sauces are missing. But this is another level. My son was sitting on my right and the minute he opened it, I saw the white material inside and I thought, what have they wrapped this in?” according to a report by the Mirror.  

The family was left horrified with this experience. Martin’s wife immediately decided to drive back to the outlet to speak to the manager. Giving details about his wife’s meeting with the manager, Holmes added, “My wife said he was really apologetic and really sorry about it but ultimately somebody in his kitchen is taking the hand.” The manager even offered the family free food vouchers for the future. Martin further added, “We were told the branch had recently undergone a health inspection and received five stars; which you would expect for a big name like McDonald’s.” 

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Further, the father claimed that he himself filed a complaint with Environmental Health department that reassured him that the issue would be looked into and dealt with accordingly.  

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