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Antonio Conte fears Chelsea and Manchester United’s massive spending sprees have given them a “big advantage” over Tottenham in the fight for top four places in the Premier League. Conte got his wish for backing from chairman Daniel Levy as Tottenham signed seven players during the transfer window, including 50 million pounds (USD 57 million) striker Richarlison from Everton.

With a bolstered squad, Tottenham are off to an unbeaten start after five games.

But Conte is still concerned after Chelsea and United each splashed out over 200 million pounds on new signings.

The Tottenham boss believes the influx of expensive talent at Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford could tip the balance in the top four race.

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s game against Fulham, Conte told reporters: “Honestly, if you sign a player for 100 million pounds or 80 million pounds on the last day, you have a big advantage because it means you are signing a top player.

“I want to be very clear. I think we did what we could do and in the right time because the vision was very clear about the money to spend, about to get the free players or on loan because then we spent money on two players, Richarlison and then (Yves) Bissouma.

“The others were on loan or a free but for sure to have a vision and to anticipate and to give the coach the possibility to work from the start.

“We did not wait until the last day for a player to come on loan or to sign a player with characteristics that are not good for our team.

“We’re going in the right way for the capacity in this moment of the club to invest money. Then we have to be realistic to understand that there are different clubs. Clubs who can invest a lot of money, other clubs who can invest normal money.


“We did the right things but if someone thinks we completed the situation, we are very far from this.”

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