Around 100 Families Return To Apartments After Noida Twin Towers’ Demolition

Police have barricaded the area around the collapsed building.

New Delhi:

Around 100 families evacuated from residential buildings near now-demolished Supertech twin towers in Noida returned to their homes till Sunday night.  

Over 5,000 people from Emerald Court and ATS Village societies were evacuated before the demolition of the twin towers.   

Apex (32 storeys) and Ceyane (29 storeys) were gone in 9 seconds on Sunday, in the carefully choreographed and meticulously executed demolition, the biggest such exercise in the country so far.

People, who returned home, are relieved that their houses are safe. Aarti Koppula, Bluestone resident and RWA member, said that four towers in the Supertech society haven’t received gas supply yet.

“We returned at 9 pm and there is no damage to our houses. There is just a foul smell in the basement of our buildings most likely of the explosives. They have been informed that the gas supply will be restored by tomorrow. Rest is alright. There is no damage at all,” Koppula told PTI.

There was the deployment of police to ensure safe passage to people. Police have barricaded the area around the collapsed building.  

Meanwhile, even after several hours of the explosion, people gathered near the demolished towers and were seen taking selfies with the rubbles.

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