5G SIM fraud alert! Scammers stealing bank details


People have reported fraudsters stealing bank details of users in the name of 5G SIM upgrade.

As the 5G services have already started rolling out in some Indian cities including Delhi-NCR, scammers have started targetting users by luring them to upgrade their SIM card to 5G. After several reports of such scams were recieved from several states, police on Sunday issued an advisory warning residents about the fake calls or messages for upgrading their SIM cards. The cyber police cell has asked people not to share their one-time passwords (OTPs) with any telecaller as they can steal money from their bank accounts. Many people have already been trapped. Upasna Singh, deputy commissioner of police said, “Since news of the 5G rollout in Gurugram came out, the number of these incidents has gone up. However, we have asked residents to be vigilant and to not share OTPs with any stranger.”

She also stated that scammers first send a link to targeted users, asking them to click on it to upgrade SIM services as they click on the link, the suspects get access to personal information including bank details. The attackers can even take control of the phone. Several victims have lost substantial amounts of money after clicking on such links, she shared.

In such case call the 1930 helpline number immediately

In case someone has already been scammed, they can report any cyber fraud on the 1930 helpline number immediately so that the fraudster’s bank account can be seized. According to DCP Singh, Gurugram Cyber Police has blocked transactions worth 62.80 lakh as of now. “As soon as the person registers a complaint on the helpline number, the account to which their money has been moved will get frozen by the cybercrime unit. The owner of the account will not be able to withdraw it. Also, the entire money withdrawn from the victim’s account will be returned to them,” she added.

Not only residents, but teams are also visiting schools, colleges, universities, malls, bus stands, gram panchayats and other public places to raise awareness.


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