5 Protein-Rich Chutneys You Can Have With Your Everyday Meals

Chutney is a must-have accompaniment in every Indian meal. Just having a spoonful of it with your everyday meals can instantly elevate the taste of your food. From pudina ki chutney, coconut chutney to hari mirch ki chutney, onion chutney and more – we can never get enough of them! While you’ll easily find chutneys in your local market, it’s best to make them at home. They are extremely versatile and super easy to make. Considering this, how about adding a hint of nutrition to them? Today, we bring you a list of chutneys that are high in protein and super delicious. Pair them with any dish and you’re in for a power-packed meal! So, without further ado, let’s get started with the recipes. 

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Here’re 5 High-Protein Chutneys You Can Make At Home: 

1.Flaxseed Chutney (Our Recommendation) 

Let’s start the list with this one. This flaxseed chutney is a nutritious spice blend and has a nutty flavour. It is extremely versatile and super easy to make. You can have it with your everyday lunch and also store it for a couple of months. Click here for the recipe. 

2.Dal Ki Chutney 

Did you know you could use your dals to make a yummy chutney? This chutney combines the goodness of moong, arhar, urad and chana dal that are roasted and then mixed with sarso, oil and curry leaves. It tastes best when served with rice. Click here for the recipe. 

3.Andhra-Style Peanut Chutney 

Next up, we have a south-Indian style chutney recipe. This Andhra-special chutney is prepared using peanuts and tomatoes. The tomatoes add a hint of tanginess to the chutney, whereas peanuts give it a nutty flavour. We are sure you’ll love this chutney! Click here for the recipe. 


4.Chana Dal And Dahi Chutney 

Another high-protein chutney that you must try is this chana dal and dahi chutney. Chana dal is dry-roasted and stir-fried with a mix of flavourful spices and then blended with yogurt. Just having a spoonful of this chutney can fix your daily protein intake. Click here for the recipe. 

5.Nilakadalai Chutney 

Nilakadalai chutney, also known as peanut chutney, is a delicious blend of peanuts, curry leaves and coconut. Roasted peanuts are blended into a smooth paste, combined with coconut powder and then topped with a flavourful tadka. Click here for the recipe. 



Make these protein-rich chutneys at home and let us know which one was your favourite in the comments below. 

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