5 Foods That Are Essential For Children Above 2 Years

Children need extra care during their developing years. Especially after the age of 2 when children start to eat different things, it becomes important to feed them with the right food. Nutrition is extremely necessary for the child’s overall healthy development and growth. While it may sound difficult to feed your child some healthy and nutritious foods, the habit of eating healthy foods must be inculcated from the beginning. Also, these foods help the children with their skills, retain memories, boost their immune system, and make them fast learners. 

Here are 5 foods that are essential for children above 2 years

1. Eggs

Eggs are excellent sources of protein and children require protein for maximum growth. It makes the kids more energetic and helps in building cells. Eggs are enriched with protein which prevents the kids from feeling fatigued and from bone pain and it builds a solid immune system in their bodies to fight against diseases and infections. 

2. Milk

Loaded with vitamin D and calcium, milk is an important food that every child must have. Milk aids in building healthy bones and teeth. It also helps to maintain blood pressure in children. Moreover, calcium helps with obesity in children which has become quite a common issue. Since milk is a great source of vitamin D it prevents children from developing any diseases later. 

3. Spinach

Spinach is a powerhouse of essential nutrients like vitamins C, A, and K. It also contains a high amount of calcium, potassium, and iron which are necessary for children to eat during their growing years. Spinach aids in the growth of brain power and also blood or hemoglobin level increases with regular consumption of spinach. The antimicrobial properties of spinach help battle against infections and it also keeps the liver in good health. 

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Spinach is an excellent source of nutrition. 

4. Carrots

A rich source of vitamin A, carrots are extremely healthy for children. Carrots help with improving the health of the eyes and boost cell growth in other organs. This tasty vegetable is also effective in building good teeth health in children. Moreover, being enriched with dietary fiber works great to prevent stomach infections or constipation in children. 

5. Oranges

Any citrus fruits like oranges are immensely important for children. Since they are rich in vitamin C, it helps to build a strong immune system in children and keeps frequent coughs and colds at bay. It also contains other essential nutrients like folate and potassium. Oranges help with more absorption of iron in the body which is an important factor in building hemoglobin count. Children’s vision also gets significantly improved with oranges as they are high in phytonutrients. 

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Let your child absorb all the goodness from these 5 superfoods which are crucial in building your child’s health. 

About the author: Garima Goyal is a practicing dietitian. 

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