5 Don’ts For Weight Loss Journey Shared By Celeb Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar

Weight loss is not an overnight achievement but a journey we all strive towards. Many of us follow a healthy diet and exercise right to keep our weight in check in the long run. Nowadays, it is quite common to spot weight loss advice on the internet with multiple claims. It is always a good idea to check with a qualified dietitian before making any major changes to the diet for weight loss. But we all often focus on the end goal of weight loss without putting in the necessary efforts. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diweka recently shared her five do-nots for weight loss that bust all previous notions related to weight loss and dieting. The post is indeed a myth-buster for those striving to shed kilos. Take a look:

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A strong proponent of sustainable dieting, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has a unique approach to weight loss. She believes that weight loss is achieved by eating healthy, home-cooked food made with locally sourced ingredients. Talking about her five don’ts for weight loss, Rujuta Diwekar explained some simple changes that we could make to our mindset.

  1. “Don’t make it your ONLY project,” she recommended as the first don’t for weight loss. When the mind is preoccupied with weight loss and the results don’t show up, we may feel frustrated or angry.
  2. “Don’t see adaptation time as failure,” said Rujuta Diwekar as the second point. She further added that 12 weeks or 3 months was a standard time for the body to respond to sustained stimuli. Thus, any diet you follow should at least be done for three months.
  3. “Don’t make exercise a punishment,” was the third don’t suggested by the nutritionist. Sometimes, we think that exercise is a chore that we have to complete in order to lose weight. However, this mindset may prove detrimental as compared to when we actually enjoy working out. Further, exercise cannot balance out an unhealthy diet.
  4. “Don’t make eating food a crime,” stated the next don’t by Rujuta Diwekar. What she meant was that it is perfectly normal to enjoy the foods we like every now and then, and without any guilt about eating them.
  5. “Don’t track every step, calorie, kilo,” advised the nutritionist in the last and final point. It is important to note that the more you track, the more you will feel frustrated with no results. Take it slow and steady and be on the right path to weight loss, and results will automatically follow.

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